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Google Chrome, which accounts for 2/3 of global web traffic, will remove Third-Party Cookies beginning of 2022.

ITP, ETP & Tracking Prevention

Approx. 26% of global web traffic are using the browsers Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Those are already using technologies that prevent the usage of third party cookies.


Since 2009 more and more users are using Ad Blocker software to prevent the placing of third-party cookies. About 42.7% of global web traffic is using ad blocker software. 

Am 17. Juni um 10:00 Uhr zeigen wir dir, wie du dich in wenigen Schritten auf das neue Zeitalter des Web-Trackings vorbereiten kannst.

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How to prepare for the apocalypse

❌    Measure marketing campaigns

❌    Draw customer journeys

❌    Evaluate website performance

❌    Calculate campaign ROI

Wir zeigen dir, wie du dich vorbereitest.

Was passiert, wenn du dich nicht vorbereitest

Businesses are losing the possibility to

What is Facebook Conversions API?

Social advertising platforms rely heavily on third-party cookies to match conversions made on the advertisers' websites to ads served on their platforms. Ad blockers and browsers prevent cookie data from being shared on the browser-side. On the server-side these cookie data can be shared again. It will therefore be inevitable to pass the data from the server instead of the browser. This technology helps you

πŸ‘‰  to be future-proof for cookieless updates

πŸ‘‰  with better accuracy for conversion data

πŸ‘‰  with full-funnel visibility and better attribution

πŸ‘‰  to control what data is sent to Facebook (Privacy)

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with Facebook Conversions API

The future of data-driven marketing is browser-independent.
Get ready with JENTIS and the Facebook Conversions API.

Official Facebook Technology Partner

Abschaffung von 3rd Party Cookies

2017 – Safari fΓΌhrt die Technologie "Intelligent Tracking Prevention" mit Safari 12 und iOS 11 ein.

2018 – Mozilla Firefox rollt ihre die "Enhanced Tracking Prevention" (ETP) Software aus.

2020 – Microsoft Edge fΓΌhrt seine Technologie zur Verhinderung von Tracking ein

2022 β€“ Google Chrome unterstΓΌtzt die Verwendung von 3rd Party-Cookies nicht mehr.

Global Market Share of Browsers




How do I implement Facebook Conversions API?

πŸ‘‰  Install one line of JavaScript-Snippet

πŸ‘‰  Activate Conversions API in Events Manager

πŸ‘‰  Start receiving more conversion events

More data = Better optimization of your ads = Better performance = More $$$ for you

How do I start with Facebook Conversions API?


πŸ‘‰  Fill in your billing details

πŸ‘‰  Fill in your credit card number

πŸ‘‰  Pay for the service upfront

πŸ‘‰  Implement code on website



πŸ‘‰  Fill out the form below

πŸ‘‰  Implement JENTIS on your website

πŸ‘‰  Activate "Facebook CAPI Tracking                      Package" in JENTIS


EUR 99.--/month from 01.01.22

Conversions API safeguards data-driven marketing

No credit card required

We process the provided data for purposes of direct marketing and base the processing on the legitimate interest to follow up on your request and provide you with information on our services and products. For more information on handling your personal data please see our privacy policy.

Take your data-driven marketing to the next level with Facebook CAPI & JENTIS

Increase the performance of your Facebook Ads by implementing the Facebook Conversion API via JENTIS.

Why do I need Facebook Conversions API?

Browsers are moving away from cookies

  • Blocking third-party cookies by default

  • Limiting lifespan of certain first party cookies and data storage

People are demanding more privacy

  • 97% are somewhat or very concerned about protecting their personal data

  • People regularly clear cookies

  • Many people change cookie defaults in their browser settings

Laws & Regulations are changing

  • GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation (EU)

  • CCPA – California Consumer Privacy Act

  • APPI – Japanese Act on Protection of Personal Information

Track more conversions

Improve Data Capture

Better attribution visibility

Full funnel visibilty

Privacy by design

2022 ready

Clients using FB CAPI & JENTIS have experienced:


increase in ROAS

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